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Kasly-ju and I-Linkage Contract Signing Ceremony and Conference held in Tianjin

In today’s ever-changing and dynamic social environment, cooperation is not merely a business operating model. It has gradually become to be the spirit of any business. The common aspiration of cooperation is to create value for consumers, and to develop a business platform for entrepreneurs.

On 3rd November 2017, a conference was held for Kasly-ju and I-Linkage contract signing ceremony in Tianjin. This grand event was attended by I-Linkage Group’s Chairman, Mr. Lin Zhiwei, Managing Director Mr. Jiang Hengsheng, Ms. Yu Cuicui, Kasly-ju’s General Manager Mr. Yao Zebing, Sales Support Centre Director Mr. Zhang Hui, Assistant General Manager and Marketing Service Director Mr. Zhao Jinpeng, Operations Centre Director Mr. Chi Kun, South China Regional Sales Director Ms. Li Liqing, Southwest China Regional Sales Director Mr. Chen Wenzhong, North China Regional Director Mr. Ma Zehui and more than 800 Marketing Experts from I-Linkage.

The General Manager, Mr Yao Zebin opens the ceremony by delivering the first speech. With the responsibility and mission for healthy living, and to create business platforms for more entrepreneurs, Kasly-ju and I-Linkage had worked towards forming the partnership of today, and crafted a beautiful vision for the future. At the same time, he proposed to all partners to adopt independent thinking, courage to assume responsibilities and to plan for future leadership thinking.

Next, the I-Linkage Group’s Chairman, Mr Lin Zhiwei addressed the conference. In his speech, Mr. Lim said that Kasly-ju provides a steady platform for large-scale health care. Partnering with Kasly-ju will help I-Linkage to improve its development in the Chinese market. He added, “Together, we shall work towards creating a more beautiful and glorious years to come”.

Thereafter, the I-Linkage Managing Director, Mr Jiang Hengsheng shared that I-Linkage has been steadily building its foundation in the earlier years. He added, “The partnership with Kasly-ju, will allow us to move beyond that and strive towards further and higher goals. Thus, the journey to a new milestone has begun, together we will work towards creating a more brilliant future.”

Subsequently, Mr. Yao and Mr. Lin, on behalf of their own respective companies, proceeded with the signing ceremony and exchange of gifts to each other. “With our common goals, you and I have become one as ‘we’. With our common responsibilities and missions, and cooperation instead of competition, Kasly-ju and I-Linkage will now join hands to create a new starting point and embark on a new journey.

At the conference, the I-Linkage Managing Director, Ms Yu Cuicui and her marketing team had especially put together a song and dance performance called “Holding hands with I-Linkage”. During that time, I-Linkage Senior Dealers, Mr. Yi Tao and Ms. Xu Jing also participated on stage to provide a wonderful sharing session one after the other.

At the end of the event, Mr. Zhao Jinpeng, the Assistant General Manager and Marketing Service Centre Director of Kasly-ju delivered yet another splendid speech. In his speech, Mr. Zhao said that today’s glory, which is due to past achievements, acts as a starting point and foundation for our larger and brilliant future. In the journey to creating more glorious years to come, he encouraged all employees, including frontline staff, to come together with full dedication and guide the company to these new heights of glorious years.

We have established our new direction, our new philosophies, our new goals and open the way for our new starting point. Throughout our journey to chasing our dream to be a Great Healthcare provider, individuals with persistence, endeavor and fighting spirit will always be rewarded. I believe, with regard to the future in achieving Great Healthcare career, this partnership between Kasly-ju and I-Linkage will create more beautiful glorious years to come. Click here to see more

Rebranded Nutric eyes new markets

Malaysia, 20 January 2017 - CONVENTIONAL methods of hard selling are becoming less relevant to present day society. Consumers want to feel a sense of affinity towards the brands they support and no amount of harassment or bombardment could achieve that.

That too can be said about direct selling where the general public may have a higher sense of scrutiny towards an industry which has drawn much flak over the years.

For the Nutric Group, its presence in regenerative healthcare, namely in the direct selling channel, has been a long one as it celebrated its 15th anniversary last year. Its group sales have also hit the RM100 mil mark in 2015.

Group chairman Lim Chee Wei told FocusM that mindset and perception towards the direct selling model and its offerings remain one of the main challenges for Nutric. - See more at: Focus Malaysia

Malaysian Corporation Working Together with Thai Government to Aid Flood Victims

Malaysia, 16 January, 2017 - The Nutric Group sprang into action after getting news of the recent devastating floods in Thailand. A country that is close to the company's heart, Nutric was determined not to leave Thai residents stranded, particularly in the provinces of Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat and Chumpon. Nutric representatives handed over Essential Kits to affected residents from those provinces. The Essential Kits contained bottled waters, five-kilogram bags of rice, canned food, light snacks, candles and insect repellents.

Nutric Launches New Brand Identity Celebrating 15 Progressive Years in Regenerative Healthcare

Kuala Lumpur, 9 November 2016 - News of Nutric's 15 years in the business of regenerative healthcare, and its total rebranding efforts made headlines in the media. Publications such as Berita Harian, New Sarawak Tribune, Sinar Harian and Focus Malaysia published news of Nutric's achievements, while some wanted to hear from the Chairman himself, through in-depth interviews and exclusive tours in Nutric's brand new headquarters. Shanghai Business News, Business Today and also carried news on Nutric's 15th Anniversary.